Insider’s Guide to the Field—7 Things Everyone Needs to Know, but School Never Taught You
For more than 25 years, Dawn Clark has taught leaders how to reshape their futures. Knowledge gained from a near-death experience inspired her to put this power into everyone’s hands.

We live in a world of entangled fields. Certain fields hold the raw potential to unlock our fortunes; others drag us down and predispose us to repeat the unwanted patterns of the past. Dawn delivers a new framework, vocabulary, and tools to navigate this hidden landscape, reshape your future and ultimately free you from negative entanglements.

Discover why Fortune 100 executives, Emmy Award-winners, and people from around the globe seek guidance from Dawn…
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Item #1 The Answer –
Discover the #1 Thing Holding You Back From Success…And How To Turn It All Around
Value: $195.00
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Everyone has vast potential, but few ever realize it fully. That potential is stored within our morphogenetic field—the underlying blueprint for reality creation. When our “blueprint” is distorted, disrupted or damaged, the patterns it forms create drag and interference at our core, and in what we broadcast, that holds us back from the things we desire.

This hidden operating system exists in the realms of the quantum world, entangled fields, and morphogenetics and has the power to unlock your fortune or drag you down and predispose you to repeat the unwanted patterns of your pasts. Dawn’s perceptual abilities coupled with information gained in her near death experience gave her unique insight into this underlying framework, and how we can heal and reshape our own futures, and the future of the planet.

Join Dawn for this life changing workshop as she reveals the mysterious forces that are working for (or against) you. See through the veils and understand how your unique frequency signature dictates the answers you get back from the Universe. Dawn translates this cutting-edge information into real world examples that you can apply to improve your life, love or business immediately.
Item #2 Repairing Core Fractures Value: $150.00
This must-have introductory workshop is imperative for anyone who wants to regain their power and become all of who they are. Learn how you can recover, restore and regain your will power, your strength, your calm, your ability trust as well as your action taking ability.

In this program Dawn will reveal the underlying mechanics of how grief, betrayal, trauma and more can fracture us at core. This fracturing alters our morphogenetic field and sets the signal of our broadcast to attract unwanted repeated patterns in life. You’ll gain an understanding of why walking away, ignoring the situation, or earnestly talking about it doesn't fix the problem, and what's actually needed to heal at a deeper level.

If you’ve ever experienced a traumatic event such as abuse, war, the loss of a loved one, a bad break up, loss of a job or even a car accident... you know that these things can change you forever. Everyday stresses like money troubles, illness, and arguments can have powerful effects as well. This course explains the mechanics of rescue and recovery so you can feel whole again and operate from your strengths.
Item #3 Multidimensional Intimacy -
Activating the Hidden Drivers that have the power to enhance any relationship, catapult a business to success, and create heart connections that span time
Value: $125.00
Scientific studies have proven our ability to affect feel and affect things without even a word or a touch--our ability to heal or hurt through space and time.

Starting with an interactive, experiential activity that opens the door to understanding how we interact in unseen dimensions, this workshop reveals the power we all have to directly affect our relationships without saying a word. Dawn goes on to share real life applications and how you can implement this technique to improve your life, humanity and the planet at large.

We all have the power to engage in multidimensional intimacy. These underlying fields of engagement are powerful and have the potential to do many things. They can communicate information, engender empathy, create bonds that stick through time, entangle us, and send signals that can either attract or block that which we seek. We truly are the masters of our own Universe and with the right knowledge and tools we can live whatever life we choose to.
Item #4 Relaxation Imagery Tool -
Relax and Activate Your Interdimensional Mind Muscle
Value: $150.00
Stress creates static in our personal broadcast that scrambles our signal for success and corrupts our positive thinking. Stress engenders interference patterns and alters our brainwaves in ways that undermine our inherent genius and disconnect us from intuitive guidance. The ripple effect is profound; the negative feedback loop, inevitable.

Go beyond coping. Join Dawn as she delivers a guided imagery that empowers you to relax and remove the static in your field.

Join Dawn and go beyond coping with a tool that helps you remove the static in your field so that you can relax and reclaim your power. She also amps it up by incorporating special sound frequencies, and a warm up activity designed to help you activate your interdimensional mind muscle.

This guided exercise will help you become an island of serenity in today's sea of hectic schedules and responsibilities. Never get overwhelmed again! Mastering the techniques in this presentation will equip you with tools you can use for the rest of your more focused, prosperous life.
Item #5 Hidden Field Dynamics Value: $250.00
In this bonus-length presentation from a live workshop, Dawn illuminates the landscape of hidden field dynamics in terms everyone can understand and apply in their everyday life.

Discover the invisible forces that shape our reality and entangle our fields. Imagine how much better life will be when you can decode the encrypted messages and recognize which fields hold the raw potential to unlock your fortune and which ones drag you down and predispose you to repeat the unwanted patterns of your pasts.

Dawn reveals how you can develop your ability to decipher the energetic frequency cues that will help you make better decisions in your life, from who to date to what person to hire.
Item #6 Getting Out of the Box -
What if you had the power to move the ‘invisible stop signs’ that are holding you back?
Value: $125.00
Life events, coupled with emotional intensity have the power to imprint us with positive or negative patterns. These echoes of the past can support or hinder your current endeavors depending on the nature of the imprint.

In this recording of an interactive, VIP workshop, Dawn shares how to identify ‘hard coded’ imprints that can keep us stuck in fear, uncertainty and doubt and how past traumas and their resonant imprints put up invisible “stop signs” in our path.

As Dawn guides the group through a mapping activity, you will discover how to scan, debug and optimize your own, unique, personal operating system to unlock your full potential and create the life you were truly meant to live.
Dawn Clark's Special New Wealth Offer
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International best-selling author, teacher and visionary, Dawn Clark empowers others to reshape not only their future, but also the future of the planet. A lifelong sensitive, her broadband perceptual abilities were put to task after a series of near death encounters. In the wake of these insights, Dawn has pioneered groundbreaking systems for healing and empowerment that address the underlying frameworks for well-being, new wealth creation, and authentic love.

Dawn takes ‘self-help’ to an entirely new level. Her work has brought huge changes for people: from terminal illness to good health and vitality, from welfare checks to royalty checks, and from estrangement to phase coherence and emotional harmony.
In The Truth Behind Reality Dawn explains the hidden operating system for creating positive change in any area of your life.
Standing at the nexus of science and spirituality, Dawn delivers a new vocabulary, insights and tools that help people repair core fractures, clear toxic emotions, and repattern themselves for longevity and success. She has guided people from all walks of life, including Nobel Prize and Emmy Award-winners, Fortune 100 executives, entertainers, teachers, therapists, parents and teens.
Her new novel, The Forbidden Text, is a transformational thriller that spans the world of espionage and the equally fascinating territory of her own direct experiences in the subtle realms. As a young woman, Dawn helped her father, an elite U.S. counter-intelligence agent, write books chronicling his adventures, and became his secret keeper for the stories he dared not transcribe. All of which she has drawn on in The Forbidden Text. Also due for release in 2012, is a new non-fiction book.

Today Dawn travels the world and delivers her message across multiple media platforms and genres. Known for her dynamic speaking style, remarkable insights, and inspirational topics, Dawn opens the minds of her audience and empowers them to effect positive change in their own lives. nace mr0175
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Dawn Clark's Special New Wealth Offer
Yes, Jeneth! I want permanent access to Dawn's package at 90% OFF the value price.
*This offer may include items that are immediately downloadable after purchase. Instructions on accessing these items will be presented after checkout. **If you are not completely satisfied with this purchase you have 14 days to request a refund.